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In his own words, Dr. Gavin Hamilton describes the serendipitous events that led to the writing of this book.


"In December, 1987, Dr. Ed Napke (Ottawa) came to London to meet me to ask if I would supervise the Ontario Medical Association’s Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting program. Napke was in charge of adverse drug reporting federally in conjunction with Health Canada (his employer) and the Canadian Medical Association. I declined his offer because I realized that physicians treating patients and prescribing drugs would not have confidence in a radiologist in that capacity. In a long discussion in my living room, when the subject of MBT came up, Napke asked if there might be a connection between the injection contaminant, MBT, and the Toronto HSC baby deaths in 1980-81, which had been attributed to serial murder by the attending nurse(s). 


This led to the my research that suggested MBT, a toxic and allergenic contaminant of injections from pharmaceutical rubber parts of syringes, drug ampoules and IV administration sets, could be measured as digoxin by the current testing methods. I wrote a journal article pointing this out. From repeated past experiences, I realized that medical journals for physicians  would refuse to publish information detrimental to the wishes of the pharmaceutical industry, so I submitted it to the Canadian Nurse Journal and it was published in December 1993. On the day of publication, the Canadian Nurse notified the media that a breakthrough had occurred in the THSC baby deaths. The Nurses are Innocent article made the front pages of all Canadian major newspapers and was on the national news of all major TV stations.


I believed that the false idea of digoxin poisoning and serial murders at the THSC was put to rest. However, circa 2003, when I examined the internet regarding the THSC baby deaths, I found that murder by digoxin by the attending nursing staff was front and centre, with no mention of MBT! It was then I decided to write a book detailing the causes of high digoxin and the failure to recognize that serious errors had been made, arising out of the pathology department at the THSC, resulting in false accusations against an innocent nurse, Susan Nelles. 


When I learned that disgraced pathologist, Charles Smith, was working in the THSC pathology department at the time of the THSC baby deaths and that he had "too close a relationship" with the Office of the Ontario Chief Coroner (according to Justice Goudge in his royal inquiry report on Canadian forensic pathologists), I concluded that, behind the scenes, Smith had been stridently promoting the murder theory, while discounting the body of evidence that proved there were no murders."

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