These are four short outlines of the current state of my insights into four subjects that I had researched and first wrote about in 1980 (Patterns in Fluid Flow Paradoxes – Variations on a Theme).


After that book’s publication, I left fluid dynamics research until 2005, when an image on the cover of Physics Today displayed – in vivid colours – a computerized image of organized transverse flow patterns in turbulence in cylinders – patterns that were more accurately predicted in the words on pages 62-63 of my 1980 book.


These are the words:
“While inhibiting longitudinal lamination, this transverse sound energy could permit a form of laminar flow to occur perpendicular to the flow in turbulence. This could permit transverse secondary flows such as those described by Nikuradse in tubes of non-circular cross-section. In cylinders, an axial rotational effect could be permitted with the development of rotating discoid laminations in the plane of the disc-shaped isovelocity profile."


The following works offer insight into fluid laminae, the H20 molecule and transition to turbulence, particularly in water flow. 

Suggested related reading:
  1. Patterns in Fluid Flow Paradoxes – Variations on a Theme, G. Hamilton, UWO Graphic Services (1980).
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  3. T-S sound beats, boundary braking, vortices and turbulence, G. Hamilton, website post, August 2020.
  4. The motion of Brownian particles and of the molecules and atoms of water, G. Hamilton, December 5, 2020.

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