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JEAN HAMILTON TEWS - Classical Pianist, 1929-1993


Dr. Gavin Hamilton is Jean Tews' brother.


Jean Tews was a Canadian pianist who studied alongside Glen Gould and Mario Bernardi. From her early success winning multiple Stratford Kiwanis Music Festival awards and scholarships, to performing on the concert hall stage in Germany, Jean devoted her life to music. She recorded her six-volume series of Composer Masterworks before losing her battle with cancer in 1993 at age 62.

Jean’s insightful and authentic interpretations of Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Schubert and Ravel will live on through the Composer Masterworks collection. Made during her remission from cancer between 1989-1992, the pieces were performed on Jean’s exclusive Kawai EX Concert Grand piano and recorded with the inimitable Calrec Mark IV Soundfield Microphone.


Following Jean’s death in 1993, the recordings languished in the family archives until they were resurrected in 2018 by her brother, Dr. Gavin Hamilton. Executive Producer David Stambler, with the assistance of Armoury Studios in Vancouver, had the recordings remixed; they were published, and was launched. Volumes 1 and 2 were given a 4-star review by International Piano magazine, and the first volume was distributed to 60 international radio stations. The six volumes of the Composer Masterworks are a collection that captures and preserves Jean Tews’ unique interpretations of the world’s greatest piano pieces.

Please visit the Jean Tews website to hear her music and read her life story by clicking here - - or on the graphic below.

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